Docobo is a service dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives and enabling clinicians and carers to improve care by using digital tools to introduce new ways of working.  Their patient monitoring enables clinicians to provide better care to more patients, while their population health analytics solution enables commissioners and clinicians to determine priorities by primary diagnosis, regional prevalence priority, cost, complexity, risk etc.  

They work with their clients to develop smart solutions to problems and provide clinically based insight, direction and guidance for healthcare systems.

In primary care, Docobo’s solutions reduce GP and practice workload.  Monitoring and communicating with patients at home and in care homes is reducing visits to care homes, reducing demand for GP appointments and enabling timely interventions through proactive care.  Their proven and interoperable digital solutions enable patients to stay in their own homes or residential homes, enhancing quality of life and care.  We support patients in receiving out of hospital care and with the management of their long-term conditions.

Docobo’s cutting-edge patient monitoring and demand analytics is used in care homes, in primary care settings, in patients’ own homes and by hospitals, for higher acuity care at home and supported discharge.  The tools enable care professionals to understand the integrated care needs of their population and reduce their demand on the whole care ecosystem..

Most recently they’ve supported clinicians monitoring patients at home, working on  COVID-19 Virtual Wards and the national COVID Oximetry at Home programme.

Our PCN is primarily seeking to help COPD patients with this service by allowing them to upload test results and up to date symptoms which will help our GP’s take action more quickly and pre-empt future issues.

For more information on Docobo please follow the link below.

Remote patient monitoring & demand analytics for clinicians – Docobo