Thrive Into Work

Thrive Into Work

Good wellbeing should be accessible for everyone.

One way to get there is by engaging in fulfilling and sustainable work that is a perfect fit for you. Discovering the appropriate job, along with the necessary support, not only offers organization, social connections, and a feeling of accomplishment but also enhances mental well-being, boosts confidence, and nurtures self-respect.

Thrive into Work is a free employment support service in the Coventry and Warwickshire area providing one-to-one support to anyone who is experiencing barriers with finding and remaining in good, rewarding employment.

They currently offer two pathways support. The first service is designed to Help those who are currently unemployed and on long term sick leave make their way back into work and the second service is a retention service geared towards supporting those already in work and at risk of leaving due to sickness or redundancy stay in their current employment. Both these services offer 4 months of In-work and regular ongoing support for 4 months. Please see below for the eligibility criteria or these two services.

There is no pressure for people to take on a job they do not want to do. This is a personalised approach to helping people who experience health problems, have a disability, have difficulties in sustaining work, or finding employment.

Thrive into Work offer:

  • Tailored one-to-one support to suit individual needs and employment goals.
  • Financial advice and guidance.
  • Continued in work support.
  • Help talking to employers about reasonable adjustments within the workplace.
  • Support around disclosing health conditions.

During the course of the program, the Employment Specialist will assist you by developing a customized plan to help you secure paid employment. Additionally, they will continue to support you while you are working by assessing any necessary accommodations or assistance you may require from your employer. This holistic approach aims to ensure the success of your new job role, while fostering your growth, and prioritizing your overall health and well-being.

They understand that workplaces can be difficult, especially if you are in situations where you feel like you can’t talk to your employer, this is why they will check in with you regularly to see how things are going and will always encourage you to let them know if you are finding things difficult. They can talk through options with you, help you write or speak to your employer, weigh up alternatives with you or just listen. Returning to or sustaining work can be challenging but you are not alone and there are always options available to you.

“Thrive into work has made me feel better in myself and improved my mental state and provided me with confidence to discuss my working issues with my line management on a direct basis. I have followed my employment specialists advise in getting a better work/home life balance by taking regular breaks and exercising which is helping with my health and mindset. Sickness from work could have been an issue for me, but at present an improvement has been made in this area. Thank you for your help and guidance Thrive into work!”

If you want to get help from this service, you can speak to your GP to find out more information and ask to be referred or you can self-refer by completing the attached form or visiting the Thrive to work website below.

For more information about Thrive into work and the services they offer please take a look at the leaflets below.